Stunning Tibetan Green Quartz Phantom Cluster with Citrine Crystal Point in Matrix

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A Quartz Crystal Cluster specimen of rare and excellent formation, color, and clarity. This crystal is absolutely stunning. There are many quartz crystals out there with fluorine phantom inclusions, usually an morph with fluorine on the outside of the crystal growth, but these are rare and wonderful. The fluorine inclusions are limited to the interior of the quartz crystals making perfect green phantoms within the base of each exceptional clear quartz point in the cluster. These pieces have very few, if any breakages from releasing the pieces from the mine matrix, and great symmetry of formation. They shine like crazy having multiple clean facets on each point that catch the light with ease and beauty.

People sometimes mistakenly call these specimens Chlorine Quartz or Chlorinated Quartz, but these crystal cluster are not man-made or treated. Chlorine Quartz has an morph of chlorine on the outside of a regular quartz crystal that is fabricated. These specimens are untreated, natural mined Quartz Crystal Clusters with Fluoride within the crystals themselves.

This is an exceptional piece and is approximately 3.5" tall.